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We'll Determine Your Business Software Requirements

We use a four-step process to develop new systems for companies in industry-rich, and competitive cities, across the United States and Worldwide. This standard system analysis ensures that every customer of M.A.R. Global Services, Inc. gets the same satisfactory results.

Step 1: Requirements Definition

We strive to find ways to improve your company's operations and begin the consensus-building process. This includes documenting the needs or abilities of your overall systems strategy and those of specific applications. Our specialization in the construction industry allowed us to develop standard models and tools to perform efficient requirements studies.

Step 2: Package Analysis & Selection

We work with vendors to find the best match for your needs from available packages. Engineering and construction companies of all sizes can use this packaged business software for a variety of applications. We have an in-depth knowledge of the software developed for engineers and contractors.

Step 3: Implementation Planning

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During this stage, we'll design reports, code standards, and establish specifications for package modifications and custom applications. We will also complete hardware and software configurations and create an implementation task plan. This step is similar in a way to the process of preparing final construction drawings, specifications, and project schedules. We create a comprehensive plan to guide your system implementation project to success.

Step 4: Implementation

Installing and integrating the hardware and software for the new system is the last step. During implementation, we are your advocate for all activity associated with this final stage of the process.